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This is a series of blog posts featuring interviews with women who are entrepreneurs. While I will be interviewing a lot of artists, art is not limited to artists. The art of running a business is challenging and rewarding, no matter the discipline. Told in their own words (as much as possible), I'm looking forward to sharing fascinating stories from inspiring women!

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Through photography, I have found a way to be a part of and enjoy nature. This is my connection to something simpler, to give me that moment...to just breathe.
— Barb Kellogg

As a fine art nature photographer, I am not limited to a literal interpretation of what is in front of me. My photography is a combination of reality, vision, and imagination. Flowers and treescapes make up the majority of my work, and when people look at these images, some are surprised that they aren’t looking at a painting. I don’t intentionally try to fool the viewer. I’ve found that the style I’ve developed over the years is a beautiful way to reflect my relationship with nature.

I have the freedom, through lenses, digital camera and processing techniques, to show my vision of nature. Two qualities that often characterize my work are simplicity and softness.  Simplicity is the result of choosing what I consider to be most interesting about a subject, then creating an image about that quality or qualities. Some of what I look for are delicateness, texture, lines, and symbols. 

To impart the lovely, soft quality often seen in my floral images, I use a unique camera lens that lends an intentional soft blur to the image being captured. A sheer layer is sometimes added while I process the image to compliment the painterly quality and color of the photograph. 

Through photography, I have found a way to be a part of and enjoy nature. This is my connection to something simpler, to give me that moment...to just breathe.

~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea drinker, and dark chocolate lover



Last Green is Gold by Barb Kellogg

There is a serenity that comes over me whenever I look at this piece. I am reminded of my rural roots and the calm that can wash over one if we would but pause and retreat for a moment from what pervades. There is a stillness and a silence that is healing here, the sky becomes the water and I think of J.R.R. Tolkien, ‘All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wander are lost, the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by frost.‘ The last green is truly gold, if we would but let be.
— Gary, Avon, MN

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Fine art nature photography by Barb Kellogg, a central Minnesota artist.

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