Current Project: The Book “if you only knew”

Revealing the humanity of mental illness

(Formerly titled What Mental Illness Feels Like)

I'm currently working on a book of this photo essay that explores mental illness through photography and interviews, with the goal of helping to fight discrimination and to help others understand how mental illness feels. Tentative publication date December 2019.

NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS! All pre-orders will receive an author-signed copy, free shipping, and a discount on future website purchases!

INFORMATION about If You Only Knew.

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About Barb Kellogg

I can be introspective. I’m professional when I need to be. But that isn’t the whole me. I can be silly, sarcastic, and you’ll likely hear me say the f-word. My office is a mess. I’m awful about remembering names. Definitely an introvert. And I’m not as “together” as you might think I am. My About page talks about my photographic interests and artist statement, plus gives you a humorous list of personal "stuff". Where else can you talk about both Wonder Woman and tofu in the same place?

I am a photographic artist who creates elegant and timeless images. I am not a purist—some of my images are literal, some are not. You’ll see that I love flowers, but I can’t ignore the dignified nature of trees, either. I use both digital and film to create. Neither is better. Each communicates in it's own way. I work primarily in the St. Cloud and surrounding area, living in Avon, Minnesota. READ MORE...