(formerly titled What Mental Illness Feels Like)

(formerly titled What Mental Illness Feels Like)

What’s next? A book.

Due to the fabulous and encouraging responses received during and after the main exhibit of What Mental Illness Feels Like—Images & Stories in May 2018, I’m continuing with this project, interviewing more people living with mental illness and creating more imagery inspired by them.

The original title was a little long for a book title, so the exhibit and book will be titled “If You Only Knew” going forward.

If you’ve seen the exhibit, the book will be an expansion of what you saw, with more interviews and more visual analogy photography. The goal of both the exhibit and book is to create a bridge of understanding between those with and without mental illness, decrease stigma and discrimination, and to be a way for important voices to be heard.

To read a couple short excerpts, read here.


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