The Ease of Canvas Wall Displays —

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Wall Display

Or what I like to call easy peasy decorating!

Families change and grow so fast—this is an easy way to cherish where your family is at right now in your life, whether the kiddos are little tots, tweens (like Eileen's family below, plus their family dog), teens, or even adults. For my family of my husband and dog, we chose a similar wall display from our photographer. I still love walking by those images each day!

No frames to purchase or try to match, your images are printed on canvas, and it all comes ready to hang. You can hang them as shown, or be creative with your own ideas.

Canvas wall display

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Wall Displays start at $380. As shown above $755. Sorry, couch not included. :) Please note that these are a la carte prices, which means you get a better deal when they are purchased within a Collection.

I'd love to talk to you more about what you love about your family right now.

~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea and dark chocolate lover 320-493-8883