One Word - "Elegant

My second grade teacher suggested this word for my One Word challenge—elegant. It doesn't matter that it was decades ago that she was my teacher; she's always been one of my absolute favorites.

One Word - "Elegant"

While this image wasn't created specifically for her, it was chosen just for her.


To create this image, I used a few props that I have at home. The whole idea was to think of luxury or elegance. While I've never been to the opera, this is what I envision if I were dressed to the nines*.

The most difficult part of this photograph was how to position the gloves. I wanted the pearl buttons to show, but didn't want the gloves taking up a lot of the frame. I couldn't have any weird finger positions. I found it surprisingly funny how many times I saw that I was unintentionally giving people the bird. :)

I'm actually going to reshoot this image. I like how everything appears, but there are several technical problems with it that can easily be corrected with a tripod. (I know, if I'd have just used one in the first place!) I want to use this image for stock photography, and so it needs that attention to the more technical details that aren't always apparent when viewed here.

*Every now and then I use phrases that I wonder where they came from. I liked this summary for the origins of dressed to the nines.

Add Your Word

A few months ago I asked on Facebook and in my newsletter for people to suggest one word to me, and I'd create a blog post about my interpretation of their word just for them. It makes sense that each blog post will be a combination of photographs I've taken and my thoughts on the subject.

I've decided to call this series of blog posts "One Word". And I'll do these as long as you keep giving me your one word.

I'd love if you'd add your word in comments below! (Or email me or message me through Facebook.) I'll choose from my photo archives or create a new artistic photograph just for you, based on my interpretation of the word you suggest. My narrative might be long or short. :) But it will be just for you!

~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea drinker, and dark chocolate lover