Inspired by other artists' work

I'm constantly impressed at the kindness of other artists and the beauty of their work.

Today I attended an art fair as a customer. (A refreshing break from working an art fair as an artist!) A city near me has an annual art fair called Millstream Art Fair. I've done it before, but decided to pursue some different art fairs this season. Which gave me the opportunity to see ALL the art today and chat with other artists, instead of just a quick look at what is between my tent and the bathroom. :)

I caught myself today saying to the artists what people say to me when I'm selling. "Beautiful work. Good luck!" And then just walk away. (Don't get me wrong, we're glad you like our work.) But today, I bought a few things because I didn't want to just walk away, but actually put my money where my mouth is. Granted, you can't buy from everyone, but I challenge you all to start seeing art as a necessity in your life. Just think if you skipped a few of those triple sow cow frap latte cappuccinos? You'd easily have yourself enough money for a beautiful piece of art or two.


It beautifies, inspires, is functional, is a gift, makes you and others smile, is a memory, is a desire, is the past/present/future.

And if you want to make an artist's day? (Besides buying from them :) ) Ask them about their work. How did you make you that? Did you have something specific in mind before you created that, or was it more of a spontaneous process? What is your favorite piece and why? These questions are just to give you an idea of what to say to us. We are just like you. :) And I would guess that most artists will smile and love to have a conversation with you about their art. It doesn't matter if you understand it or not. We don't mind explaining what we do.

I've included the websites in the above photo for your reference to look deeper into these artists' work. It will be worth your time!

~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea drinker, and dark chocolate lover