See You on the Radio - A Conversation about Mental Illness, the exhibit and Art

Recently I did a live (yes, me, live! yikes!) radio interview talking about the exhibit, how the project came to be, and using photography as a way to visually communicate. If You Only Knew was on display at a local arts venue, Zeitgeist.

An easy conversation that sounds like what you’d hear over a cup of coffee. (Or tea.)

Lisa Johnson of KUMD in Duluth was an excellent interviewer. It’s a good conversation about the exhibit , art, and the unexpected gift this project has brought to others and myself.

(The audio link is within KUMD’s article.)

Behind the Scenes: During the interview I “self sensored.” See if you can find it!
I wish I’d have taken a quick photo of it, but prior to the interview I had to write on a piece of paper “NO SWEAR” (it was a small piece of paper) so that I wouldn’t slip up. There are major fines for using certain words on the radio, and since I know how I talk, I didn’t want to get the radio station in trouble. I was sitting on the floor of my parent’s guest bedroom, and that note and a few others were spread out in front of me. It was at 8am, so I was pretty mellow. ;)

Also, Northland Healthy Minds was the organization that brought the exhibit up to Duluth. They are working towards “…a world where anyone can get the support and assistance they deserve for their mental illness without fear of discrimination, marginalization, and criminalization due to stigma.” Thank you for inviting me!

Want to know more about If You Only Knew?

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