If you've been leery of trying metal prints because your decor doesn't have that modern look to it, then this is for you! This black framed art has a classic, yet contemporary appeal.

Classic, understated black framed art with a modern metal print is a great combination.

Most of us have those classic pieces in our house, whether it be furniture or wall art. Your parents gave you some things as they were downsizing, or you were shopping at that antique store and couldn't resist. And while this is more modern looking than some frames, if your house is as eclectic as mine, then this fits in perfectly. A "bridge" piece, so to speak.

front view, wedge float frame, metal print, black framed art

Metal print appears to float within the frame

Yep, the photograph is literally printed on the metal. Vibrant, detailed, and luminescent photos printed on an ultra-hard surface. There is no glass. And the metal print appears to float within the frame.

This is also a good view of the "wedge" part of the frame. It angles out and away from the front face of the frame. And it's 100% wood, not that plastic composite %rap. That matters to me.

front close up view of wedge float frame, black framed art

Finished with a wire back with little wall bumpers to protect your wall

Not as fun as saying "little rubber baby buggy bumpers" three times. :)

product, back of wedge float framed metal print

Each is hand signed by the photographer. (Me. :) )

Let's me honest, if you're going to spend some money, you don't want your friends to think you just bought this at one of those discount stores, right?

front view of wedge float frame, metal print

top view, framed, wedge float

Any of my photographs can be ordered this way. And this is a great solution if canvas gallery wraps aren't your thing. I'll have some samples soon of the other frame colors. Just let me know if you're interested in something other than black.

~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea drinker, and dark chocolate lover