The Lily and the Frog

"If I don't move, she won't see/kill me." I'm guessing that's what he might have been thinking, but the he was the perfect little green model!

Frog Prince in the Lilies  by Barb Kellogg

Frog Prince in the Lilies by Barb Kellogg

I spent a nicely productive morning in a friend's flower garden recently, and the highlight was catching this little frog in the yellow lilies. I had walked by him many times (not noticing him at all) as I was moving around in the garden finding pretty things to photograph.

I think he's a tree frog, but if anyone knows for sure, please let me know. He's less than two inches long, and you can see he was hanging out (literally) on the lily's petal.

A bit of Color Theory - Green and Yellow and what they mean to us

Garden Dill

Garden Dill

From that morning session a theme started to emerge -- greens and yellows. I found some mustard, some pale yellow daisies, and of course the frog in the lilies. I thought I would do a little research to find out why this color combination was so pleasing to the eye. The yellow images seemed so refreshing and the mustard images (full of green tones) felt so relaxing.

Some of the above images are on the website. 

It does depend where on Earth you live as to what colors mean to you. In fact color can change its meaning over time, even if it's the same region. But for this post, I'll just talk about color from an American and western European perspective. The information I'm sharing I got from Kristal Vdakker's website. (Go through to her article for more info.) I didn't feel the need to cross reference her information, as it resonated with information that was already in my brain. So I think we're ok. :)

  • Green—"Tranquility, health and freshness, peace".
  • Yellow—"Happiness, positivity and enlightenment". (And don't we all need a good dose of those!)
  • White—"Purity, truthfulness, contemporary".

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~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea drinker, and dark chocolate lover