Cookies Aren't Monsters

You Can Never Get Enough Cookies

I recently posted these images on my personal blog, but I had such awesome feedback (like—you made me hungry!) that I wanted to share these with you, too. Looking at these photos again are making ME hungry!

I know it sometimes feels like cookies are monsters. Something about them makes me eat too many. Then I feel bad. So I just decide to endulge every now and then. If it means I just ate four chocolate chip cookies while watching NCIS, then so be it.

How do I defeat the cookie monster?

What I try to do now is only buy a few. Even if it means the per cookie cost is more. That way I can save me from myself. I won't buy a dozen at a grocery store; I'll ask the bakery to break it into four or six. They might look at me funny, but they do it. Why do they never have the really yummy cookies available individually?

And I do have a huge weakness for chocolate chip cookies. And some are better than others. Like these. A high school classmate has a bakery and catering business in Aurora, Minnesota called From the Farm. Her chocolate chip cookies hit all the right buttons for me—a good chocolate chip to dough ratio (meaning at least 50/50), soft, and almost tastes like raw cookie dough, but with a cooked texture. OH MY!! I am so glad I don’t live nearby. I would eat way way WAY too many. Yvette makes breads, desserts, meal type foods like lasagna, meatloaf, etc., and she caters, too. If you're in the Aurora area, she's well worth checking out!

What food is your achilles heel? Your downfall? I want to hear what your tricks are so you don't eat too much? You can comment below.