Looking for something to do outside? Lean on Me, Stickwork at St Johns University

Cool Art Installation, Stickwork, at St. John's University

What a great place to go outside and explore—and to be able to walk through the inside of a piece of art!  There are trails behind this area, too. And it's free!

Lean on Me, Stickwork at St Johns
Lean on Me, Stickwork at St Johns

"Lean on Me" has been up since 2012. I thought it was due to come down this Fall, but I couldn't find where I read it, so now I'm not sure. The artist Patrick Dougherty creates these Stickwork structures all over the world. While it's starting to show its age a bit now, they have withstood high winds and other weather—in fact it held up far better than many homes last summer during several severe storms!

The images show details of the doorway, wall, and interior roof, plus a couple extra photographs of the area.

I really do encourage you to run out to St Johns to see this. It's just west off the exit on I-94 as you head west out of St. Cloud/St. Joseph.

"Lean on  Me" is available as a print or canvas.

~Barb Kellogg, photographer, tea drinker, and dark chocolate lover hello@barbkelloggphotography.com