I decided to offer a Clearance Bin so that you can take advantage of special prices on certain items!

  • Items in this Clearance Bin are typically a quantity of one. And once gone at this price, they're gone! So if you like it, buy it now!
  • Items won't necessarily stay on at a Clearance price—take advantage and buy right away. If I need an item to use at an art event, it might be pulled from the Clearance Bin and revert to it's regular price.
  • All items are in perfect condition unless otherwise stated in their specific description.
  • There may not always be items in each category.
  • If you live in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area, I can save you the shipping cost on the gallery wrapped canvas and metal prints and drop it off to you. Before buying, contact me so that we can arrange payment that won't have the shipping cost. (By the way, I offer in-person drop off on regularly price larger items, too. Contact me to buy and arrange.)

8x10 Matted Prints

I have many in my current inventory, and most of these matted prints here in the Clearance Bin contain images that are a bit older. It's good to keep my artwork fresh for people to see at public events, and thinning out the inventory allows me the space to do that. I love my older images, so them being here in no way reflects on their quality. If you're lucky, you might see one of my newer images in here for you savvy shoppers who time it right.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

There will only be one available at these prices. These are in my current storage, and I need to make room for new work!

Metal Prints

Occasionally I will have metal prints for sale here. The image is literally printed on an aluminum sheet. They are very modern looking, with the image almost popping off of it's glossy surface. Metal Prints are ideal for humid environments, as water will not effect them like it would canvas or paper prints.