Friends & Family Offer!

Save the email you received or put the code on a sticky note for future purchases of nature photography.

  • Unlimited use!
  • And no expiration date until further notice.
  • Some exception apply. Read below. *

This is one way for me to say thank you to all of my loyal readers and supporters.

  • To receive this discount at an art fair, just ask!
  • If shopping online, enter code at checkout.
  • If we do a custom order, I'll reduce the amount by 10% on the invoice.

But what if I misplace and forget the code?
If you're like me, you have the best of intentions to save the email or the sticky note, but they get deleted or misplaced. All you remember is you can save some money. Just email me and I'll cross check to see if you're a subscriber. If you are, I'll just email you the code. Easy peasy!

Can I share this with my friends?
Sure! And if they want access to more specials, free stuff, photographic and sometimes personal inspiration, have them sign up for the newsletter. Here is the short link to share with them:

Why just on nature photography and not portraits, too?
I offer a limited number of portrait sessions each year. Because I have packages in place for portrait sessions, there is already a discount built-in because it's a bundled purchase. (Think like insurance - if you bundle your home, auto, and boat policies, you'll save more than buying just one alone. Kind of the same concept in portrait photography.)

 There's always an asterisk with these things. Sorry. The 10% can not be combined with other offers and does not apply to shipping. Also, if you're not paying directly to me, I won't be able to extend the discount (e.g. at the St. Cloud Hospital during my month-long exhibit). This Friends & Family Special may be changed or stopped at any time. Kind of like that grade school lunch menu. :)