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Barb Kellogg, the photographer

A little bit from my About page --

.... I. LOVED. IT. So off I went to buy my first DSLR and a few lenses. And taking more and more images. Taking online classes. Going to workshops. Paying attention to light. To shadow. It's an ongoing thing, whether I have a camera in my hands or not. (Every now and then, you can hear me say, "Ohhhh, look at that light. Isn't it beautiful?") Read more...


Nature Photography

I can't really say it better than this comment from Julie -

“I see a soft, beautiful quality in your art that I don’t really have the right word to describe. I just know it makes me feel good. Please keep on bringing beauty into our sometimes ugly world!”  Julie, S. Dakota
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Portrait Photography

  • Nothing beats a photograph in it's ability to capture your heart forever.
  • Life is now. And it's gone before we can say "where did the time go?"
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Be the boss of your camera.

Do you want more control over your camera, but don't know where to start? I "make" you read your manual, but I also know they can be clear as mud to figure out.

I can help.

Visit the Mentoring page, or Contact me and I'll explain my mentoring process (which is custom tailored to you, by the way).