Stories to Tell—A Day at the Farm...


At the Oliver H. Kelley Farm

This is a pictorial story, not a written one. But to set the stage, I spent a few hours with a couple new photographer friends. We had a great time wandering around this old farm that is still run the way it was in the 1860s (well, with a couple modern amenities). The Oliver H. Kelley Farm was started by Oliver H. Kelley, who was the founder of the Grange. Would be a great place to bring the kids, too. As it’s not overcrowded, you can get near the animals, and even help out in the field and kitchen.

I also brought a film camera along, but since this was just yesterday, you’ll have to wait. Remember those days of anxiously waiting for your film to come back? I haven’t shot film in ages, and this is an old film camera that I hadn’t used yet (it was new for me).

Limited Edition Series – On the Farm

Some of the images below will make it into a limited edition On the Farm series of prints. (News on that later. I’ll announce it here and on my business blog.)

~Barb Kellogg
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Do You Know What Day it Is?

The calendar is great because it’s not huge, it takes up very little space, and there is still a bit of room to write yourself a couple small reminders in the white space. And, it’s pretty! The calendar will definitely brighten your day or someone else’s. This would make a unique gift that everyone can’t run out and buy at your local discount store or the mall.

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Oh no! Summer is Fading

Hints of Change

I walked around the house this evening and figured I’d document these first signs that the season of summer is waning. An empty nest. A red leaf. Fallen leaves. Not thrilled about the ragweed (allergies). But the fall colors can be fabulous here. Have to wait and see!

Hints of Change is also a clue that I’m working on a facelift to my website Barb Kellogg Photography. This is the first I’m formally announcing the merger of my pet photography business, Sweet Clover Pet Photography, into Barb Kellogg Photography. The new website will highlight that I capture portraits of nature (of course), people, and pets. I’ll keep you posted on the debut!

Life is just a portrait waiting to be photographed.

Of course Mulder is just in this post because he can be. :)