…flower power

yellow flower
wild flowers

As some of you know, I’m lucky enough to not have a traditional city commute to work. Instead, I have a nature commute—several miles of scattered homes setback into the woods, with farmland, lakes, woods, wildflowers, deer, squirrels, and a stray cat or two. These photos were taken along that “commute.” The “Lost in flowers” picture is one of those “happy accident” kind of photos. The camera focused and I pressed the shutter too quickly. But I didn’t delete the photo in the field (you never know!). And then the more I looked at this picture on my computer, the more I felt it conveyed the mystery of a rural setting and the ability to easily feel “lost” in nature. Not the kind of lost where you don’t know where you are, but the kind where time disappears for a few moments and you just enjoy what you’re doing. This photo is like peaking into that world.

So for about an hour after work last Friday, I was “lost.” More pics from that day can be seen on my Smugmug page.