…faux Monet

Monet I
Monet II

I joined a Flikr group that has biweekly photo challenges. Mostly just a way for an ever-growing group to have an “assignment” and get a little feedback from group members.

This challenge was “Movement” and to post 5 pictures taken during the timeframe of the challenge. Of course how you interpret the assignment is up to you. Originally my plan was to have a slow shutter speed to capture the wind blowing flowers around, etc. Well do you think it would be windy the day I had time to do this? No. So instead I defaulted back to a fun technique that is sometimes referred to as “Monet.” You can paint with your camera, no tripod or steady hand required. I think it’s fun, and the results vary from “disappointing” to “that-turned-out-pretty-cool.”

These photos are part of that assignment. The other two are at my Smugmug page, in addition to a variety of other photographs of  mine. You can also see larger images of these (or any photos here) by clicking on them. This will automatically take you to my photo site. (Assuming I’ve remembered to add the link!)

~ Bon jour!