let the sun shine…



Sometimes it’s fun to revisit  a photo, tweak it here and there—boost the contrast, warm or cool the image, etc. (‘cause you’re always seeing things differently, even a past image). Then I wondered how this image would look in black and white! I had not considered that choice a year ago when I took this photo. I think it gives this sunflower a whole new image! (No pun intended.) I also added some grain similar to higher ISO film grain to give it an “artier” look.  I think it really gives the sunflower a stronger presence than the vibrant color image. What do you think? (The larger size of this image has more impact, so be sure to look at it over on my photo site. Just click on the photo and it will take you there.)

ps—For anyone who thinks this sunflower looks familiar, they’re right. It was shot about a year ago for Capturing the Beauty of Flowers class through PPSOP.