oh baby…


Nope, not crying babies— my Lensbaby lens. Much quieter, and no mess! :) The only noises were from the roosters, cows, and other farm critters nearby.

And can you believe it? I was actually out the door by 7:30 am! It was foggy, and sometimes that can be all sorts of fun for taking pictures. I drove a few miles to find something that I thought could be interesting. These pretty daisies have been blooming in roadside ditches for several weeks now. I think they are so pretty, and they spiff up an otherwise boring roadside or acre of corn.

One of the many things I enjoy about this lens is it forces me to do everything manually with my camera (set the shutter speed, manual focus). The only luxury I have is to be able to preview the photo on a tiny screen on the back of my camera.  So why is that enjoyable? Because it forces me to slow down. Think. And zoom with my feet. This is not a zoom lens, so to get closer, you walk!

I love how the lens blurs all sorts of things in the photo.  And because it was all dewy outside and the sun was still low and diffused by the fog, the lens created all these cool little glowing “bubbles.”



Lots of photos in this post! I know. But one last one of my pup who came along for the ride. He stayed in the car, and when I walked past him, I took this shot through the window. (The reflections are of me and  power lines.)

Have a great week!