be your own girl…

I guess this IS all about me! :)
So I know this post looks a bit egotistical upon first view. But then again, isn’t that the point of  blog?

I shot these for a Flikr group assignment. It was dealing with shallow depth of field. Since I shoot like that all the time, I figured I’d throw in the added task of shooting self portraits. The biggest challenge was getting the subject to cooperate! She just wouldn’t stand in the right place!

What I didn’t realize would be the real challenge was that my remote shutter release doesn’t let my camera auto-focus. (Or I didn’t figure out how to do it.) So I had to pick a spot and try to pre-focus. Going and back and forth between the front and back of the camera. Easier said than done. LOTS of out of focus shots. I mean A LOT! And do you know how weird it feels to be in your back yard smiling at a camera with no one behind it? Making odd faces. Ordinary faces. Anyway, the best thing about the shoot was great light. It was overcast, so no harsh shadows. Ok, so there was a bit of thunder rumbling overhead, but the light was great. Unfortunately I couldn’t experiment with aperture as much as I wanted to because of the little drops falling from the sky. But overall I was happy with a small selection of self portraits, with a slightly out of focus background. Some of the shots were a bit soft, but for these portraits, I’m ok with that. And at this small of a size, you don’t notice anyway.

BTW-Collage done quickly in Photoshop Elements. Normally I do all my post in Capture NX2, but that software doesn’t have the kind of layer functionality that Photoshop does. And the little pre-formatted collages were handy, cause I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this! And also for you shutter freaks, the apertures were right around f/5.6, and I believe there are two lenses used in this collage—my 100mm Tokina macro and the Nikon 18-200. The Tokina won hands down in the nicest background blur. But the zoom was more versatile for different compositions without moving the tripod. Manual and aperture priority modes. Only slight level adjustments to bring out the white shirt in Capture NX. My favorite photo? The “avoiding the paparazzi” shot. It worked on a number of levels for me.