I'm still standin'…

Sorry for the long absence. I reprioritized my life a bit after a foot injury, and time on the computer wasn’t part of the plan, nor was photography. Yah, made me sad, too. But I’m on the mend…hoppin’ to it…or something like that. :)
This shot of a grove of pine trees was taken back in October. Almost missed them when I was driving by, as my Dad had described where he saw them, but he wasn’t with me to point them out. I’ll have to ask him exactly what kind

of pine trees these are. They change to a wonderful golden yellow in the fall. My parents were very surprised to see me head out of the house at around 730am to get some photos. I was cold and hungry, so didn’t spend as much time shooting as I should have. And I used the lens that was attached (a Lensbaby) and didn’t bother to change it. (C’est la vie.) Photo was cropped, but no other post processing was done to the image.

Hopefully there will be some freshly taken photos here in the next few months. But I have plenty I can share in the meantime.