…and the buds go on

This was a fun little experiment tonight. The sun was close to setting and shining through the leaves, making them look a pretty mint green. I had taken several photos in my back yard—close ups, wider shots, etc. After going inside the house, I reviewed the shots in-camera. One is always rediscovering various settings in their camera (or maybe it’s just me?), and I remembered that I had a two-shot overlay feature in my camera. So I played around with different shots, finally choosing the combination you see here. Well, I should say the foundation for what you see.

The image was taking on a dreamlike quality, so I decided to take it a few steps further. Anyone familiar with the film type Fuji Velvia will know that it lends wonderfully rich colors to an exposure. Fortunately I can mimic that film through the use of a filter during post processing. And for some images, using the Polaroid Transfer filter just seems to compliment the subject. (And since it’s my interpretation of reality, I felt it added an additional surreal quality to this image.)

Since I didn’t have this photo overlay idea in mind while I was actually taking the pictures, I will need to remember this for future photography adventures. The creative possibilities will be endless!

ps: I’m having a little fun with the title of this post—what song was I thinking of?