…love's labour's lost

One always has the best of intentions. In fact, one should know better than to be lulled into a false sense of security because something is new…and by implication, infallible.
What am I talking about? A failed computer hard drive. And no recent back up to fall back to. Did I know better? Yes. Was I lazy? Yes.

If you have things of value on your computer, it’s a simple process to be sure all isn’t lost. Just do it.

While I have the original copies of 99% of the photos I’ve taken (whew!), only a few photos remain of those I took recently. (So at least I backed up some of the time. Could you imagine if I hadn’t?)

The photos in this blog represent a few that happened to be saved to Flickr in the last two months because of a photo challenge group I participate in. They are low resolution, and relatively small in terms of “printable” size.

But at least I have them.

… all was not lost.