…and now for something completely different

…These new little business cards are so cute! Just received them in the mail. They’re about half the size of a regular business card. But the cool thing is you can put different photos on the back. These will definitely be more fun to hand out to friends (and anyone who will take one) than a boring old business card! If anyone is interested, they are from www.moo.com.
Since this isn’t one of my traditional photo posts, I’m including some pics of my “find” from a local antique store. I was looking for some “non-round” ceramic plant pots for some plants that need a new home. Seems they don’t make anything other than boring round ones anymore. (Or they have bunnies or grapes on them…no offense intended to the bunny and grape lovers out there!) And the great thing is all three of these “antiques”  likely cost less than if I had purchased just one of them new. (Of course you can’t buy that funky 70s green anymore. Maybe for a good reason? :) But that blue little “bow tie” pot was so cute, just had to buy it.) I also saw some old frames in the antique store…hmmm…will need to remember that for future framing needs!

And if anyone is wondering why I put the word “antiques” in quotes…well I hesitate to call something an antique that is likely younger than I am! I’d rather take a cue from Apple and call the pots “classic”. :)