Fresh Flickr Friday…

August in Minnesota

Originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg

…the goal is to have this be a weekly entry. Might be a photo I really like, or one I don’t—and I’ll explain why. You can choose to agree or disagree! :) Obviously the photographs I don’t like will NOT end up on my Zenfolio photo site, and of the ones I do like I’ll let you know if they will be available for purchase over at

This photo I happen to like! I was shooting photos of the area where I live for a Flickr group I belong to, and this is one of the ones I’ll be using (there are 5 total that will be posted by Sunday over on Flickr…just click on this photo and it will take you there).

There are several things I like about this shot: a) nailed the exposure in-camera (yay!), b) the composition focuses mainly on the flowers that are now dead, yet there is obviously much life left in this planting of flowers – very much an example of where nature is at in August in central Minnesota, and c) I just thought the colors were lovely. Only post processing were the use of two filters: contrast and glamor glow.

And yes this WILL BE available for purchase at!