Fresh Flickr Friday...

The top photo is one that did not make the “good pile” when I was sorting images to choose for the “Stairs Challenge”. Why, you ask? Even though I was glad the guy and his shadow filled a decent part of the frame, I had zoomed in too far (and/or he had climbed the stairs too quickly), and his head got partially cut off. If that wouldn’t have happened, I might have chosen this photo to submit for the Flickr group’s photo challenge.
On the bottom is the photo I did chose…no cut off heads. And I do like that it shows more of the context of the photo’s location. I wish his shadow mirrored his own shape better. But he was just some anonymous passerby. Serendipity. Otherwise the photograph would have been very, very plain without him. (As shots I took earlier attested to. I would have never chosen them for inclusion in the photo challenge.) A larger view of this photo is available by clicking on it. And two other shots for the Stairs Challenge.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully there isn’t too much labor in it for you. :)