A mile down the road...

...found some fabulous color today. Yet I couldn’t resist also converting to mono…lends an entirely different mood to the image. Fall colors are wonderful with the equivalent of Fuji Velvia film. The leaves were just on fire with the sun hitting them, and the Velvia filter brings that reality back to the digital negative. I think it’s a little funny that as we get away from film, we still want the “look” of film. For those of you who want just a little bit of info on Velvia film, here’s the Wikipedia link. And for those of you who enjoy lots of information, here’s the scoop on Velvia film from a photography reviewer who doesn’t take himself too seriously, or so he says http://www.kenrockwell.com/fuji/velvia100.htm.

So what do you think of the monochrome images? To me, the horizontal photo becomes a bit foreboding once the color is removed. Almost like a scene from the Old West, unsure of what bandit might be lurking beyond the next clump of trees. Yet the vertical image doesn’t translate the same way. Your thoughts? (No right or wrong answers here.)

And what do you think of the slideshow format vs. having each photo inserted into the blog post?