…I thought instead of Fresh Flickr Friday getting away from me again, I’d post this little bit of Halloween goodness early.

This photo was one of those happy accidents. I already liked the composition in-camera. I accidentally chose an infrared filter when I was processing this on the computer. There were several different color presets, and, VOILA! I instantly fell in love with this version. And with Halloween just around the corner, this seemed like the perfect image to share. In fact, I’m going to really share this image with you! This will make a great desktop background. For just this week you can download it here… When you click on the download link it will ask you for a password—Casper.

This was taken after sunset, facing east. The original sky color was (of course) a dark blue. If you want to see a truer to life version of the same photo, just click on the photo above and it will take you to my Flickr photostream for some other Fall-related photos.

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!