fresh flickr friday…

…the nice thing about winter approaching is that sunrise isn’t so darn early! Some of the prettiest photographs are taken at sunrise. But if you aren’t a “morning person”, turning off the alarm is a very appealing choice to going out on a cold morning. (Who am I kidding—could be 70 degrees and I’d still want to stay in bed.)

But that aside, I was up sort of early enough to get out and get some photos on Sunday with frost and fairly interesting clouds in the early morning. I had missed sunrise, but it’s all good. I drove around and found some farm land that looked interesting. I believe I was parked in one place, and these were from one side of the road. Then I crossed the road and captured a totally different set of images. (My last post contained one of them.)

The first photo is of a road. Just a road. But I wanted to see how narrow the depth of field was on my Tokina 35mm lens. You can actually see the horizontal area that is in focus. It’s kinda trippy if you look at it for too long.

The next two photographs are mostly about the clouds. I enhanced the contrast in post processing to really bring out the cloud detail. The third photo was interesting to me since part of the field was tilled under, and the other wasn’t. I wish I had also taken a photo closer to the ground, so that the point of view was just a foot or so above ground. Next time.

The bottom photo is also from this same location. I believe you’re looking at dried up soybeans. The frost makes them look furry, don’t you think?

I still have a couple of photos from this morning to share with you…but another time.

All photos were taken using the Tokina 35mm, processing done with Capture NX2.