tales of a Florida adventure…

…I have so many images to share with you! But I will be a bit of a tease and only share a few at a time. :)
I traveled to Florida for a week, staying in New Smyrna Beach and Port St. Joe. 75 degrees and sunny. It was wonderful! I am definitely in denial that winter has arrived in Minnesota. (There’s no denying it, but it’s nice to have some photos of a nice, sunny, warm place!)

I was in New Smyrna Beach for a couple of days. Pretty little beach town on the Atlantic. There was a beautiful sunset the first night. Of course I had to go out to the beach and see what I could see. In this photo I was experimenting with slowing the shutter speed down so that the water became more blurred. I definitely need to practice more…but it was a good learning experience.

Do you think of beaches as calm, tranquil places of relaxation? I do! I didn’t expect to see speed limit signs! But when you’re on a beach that stretches for dozens of miles, it’s great fun (so I hear) to drive on them.  So much for an easy stroll on the beach when you have to be aware of traffic! It was evening, so the signs had been pulled to the side. I just thought it humorous to see traffic signs on a nice, calm beach. The photo was taken just after sunset.

This last photograph I was quite hopeful about when I saw the preview in my camera. It was simple. Nice lines. Uncomplicated. However…note to self…pay attention to your camera settings. I failed to notice the slow shutter speed, and the result was a blurry photograph. Viewed at smaller sizes, one doesn’t notice it. I love the concept, color, and composition of the photograph, but the technical execution was poor. Next time….next time.

More photos to come—watch your inbox!