a p a l a c h i…what?

…this town is a mouthful—Apalachicola, Florida. It’s a cute little town on the Gulf. Definitely would like to come back here…neat shops, good food—what more do you need? Sorry there aren’t more photos…spent more time inside the shops than taking pictures. But I especially like the boardwalk photograph. It’s simple. Love the shadows and lines. The colors complement each other. I relax just looking at it! Of course the other shot is from the end of the boardwalk looking back towards land.

The black & white photographs are actually from a film camera. Yes, I said FILM! (Of the 24, these are the two I don’t mind. Although I did crop the sand dunes shot on my computer, as there was significant vignetting—darkening of the corners— from the lens shade. I also tweaked the contrast. Digital darkroom vs. chemical darkroom—two sides of the same coin.) I shot two rolls of film on this trip—one color and one b&w. Remember that feeling of “I wonder how my shots turned out?” and having to wait to see them?  Trust me, I could have waited longer. I’ve been lulled into the satisfaction of immediate feedback from my digital camera—at the least I can see if I like the composition. Then I can quickly reshoot on the spot and try different things. No such luxury with film. I’ll use my old film camera again, as I bought more film than I used on the trip. But I will need to be more patient with my shots. (In reality, my ratio of good to bad shots really wasn’t any different with the film than with digital. It’s just expensive to develop all those bad shots on film!)

Say, do you think that was “The Hoff’s” boat docked there? (I know the spelling is wrong, but still.)