1sc, 1hdc, 3dc...

...for those of you not familiar with crochet stitches, the above gibberish stands for one single crochet, one half double crochet, three double crochet. And why would crochet terms be showing up here? About every few years I get the bug to crochet a few things. Then that bug lies dormant for a couple more years; I crochet an item or two…and the cycle repeats itself. I wouldn’t be writing unless the “bug” returned, so I thought I’d share the items that I’ve crocheted recently. I figure if I can photograph it, I can blog about it here. :)

These first photos are of a felted purse organizer. Handy for moving all of a gal’s necessary items in one fell swoop to a different bag. I really like how it turned out, although I would tweak a new one by making the pockets a bit deeper, and more narrow pockets. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll make another one!

When we travelled to New Zealand a year ago, the only thing I really wanted to find in New Zealand was yarn. Yah. I know. Weird. But do you know how difficult it was to find yarn? By sheer luck we found a little yarn shop among all these jewelry, clothing, and ski shops. This yarn is so fabulous! It’s a mixture of possum fur (yes, I said possum fur), merino wool, and silk. As an aside, the possum were brought to New Zealand to establish a fur industry. Well you know how that story ends—the possum have no natural enemies on the island so now they are running rampant. Those crafty New Zealanders figured out how to make money off of those possum by combining the fur with wool to create a wonderfully soft and warm yarn. You can find more information at their website, and even purchase yarn! It’s a little spendy, but would be worth it for that special project. And if you’re lucky, perhaps your local yarn vendor stocks it.

But I digress. (Haven’t you always wanted to say that?) From this NZ yarn I made a hat and scarf set. Even embellished them with some crochet flowers, too. (Which you can kind of see on the scarf in the “up the nose” shot.) The yarn is so nice to work with, as it doesn’t seem to knot up like some others do. Since I just finished it last night, I’ve only had the chance to wear it outside to let the dog out. And how lucky am I that the weather is conveniently cold and nasty out for several days? So I’ll soon be wearing it when I’m out and about.