fresh flickr friday…six down...

...359 to go! It’s not really the number of photographs that is challenging. Rather, it’s the goal of using my camera every day. Other than your cell phone, Blackberry, or toothbrush, what gadget do you use daily? Fortunately improving my photography skills is easier than, say, a painter painting a canvas each day! Hopefully I’ll remember that when I hit my photographic “wall“—associating creativity and art with endurance sports like running or cycling. :) Drastically different, I know, but one still has to push through to get to the finish line.

2/365…looking out the window
The darker part of the tree line with the odd curving darker area is actually shadows created by the houses as the sun was rising

3/365…view of a frequently passed scene
I drive past this area almost every time I drive to St. Cloud. And I got lucky with the soft lighting on this day.

4/365…morning routine
I have to say I agree with the Bare Minerals infomercials!

Do I really need to explain this one?

6/365…bunny tracks
As viewed from kitchen window. I could never get this angle from standing in the yard due to elevation differences. This is the photo that I am least pleased with—won’t bore you with why I don’t like!

So this is my first week of the project. I’m writing this post on Thursday evening so that you receive this on your “Fresh Flickr Friday”.