Days 7 through 13…

…a little more variety in this past week of my adventure through taking a photo a day for a year. And actually, I don’t take just one photo. Different things pop out at me as I look through the viewfinder. One shot leads to another, leads to another…but only one gets posted.
So let’s see what we have here! I’m just going to insert a slideshow, because it’s just way too difficult for me to get a decent layout with all these pics and text.


Day 7…Oh let’s just take a picture of a dog leg.

Day 8…I was lying on the floor stretching and staring at the ceiling. I thought the light fixture looked far more interesting from this perspective.

Day 9…A plant. I just kept playing with the composition. It all started out quite boring. I usually start out shooting all of the subject, then work my way in. The play of colors in this image is what really got it chosen for today’s shot.

Day 10…Couldn’t resist buying this tea! With a little Truvia, it’s just yummy! I tried some shots pouring the tea, but that proved to be troublesome. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Day 11…I had to figure out some way to incorporate the 1/11/11. First thought was a clock. Then I needed a clock with seconds. Well how boring is a picture of a watch all by itself? So since this is also a heart rate monitor, I figured perching it on top of a weight was appropriate. It served a purpose for Day 11. Certainly not one of my favorite shots.

Day 12…The current project for the Flickr group I belong to is “Trash”. Does anyone really want to see a photo of trash in a trash can? Yuck. At least not my trash can! So I’m brainstorming prettier things that get thrown away, and photographing them individually. Do you know what this is? It’s the curl from an eyeliner pencil that’s been sharpened. It’s pretty like a flower, don’t you think?

Day 13…I was just sitting on the couch. My dog likes to nap in the morning. He was looking so cute. So I “walked without purpose” (I’ll explain that in a bit) to get my camera. Sat back down. He closed his eyes again. And I started clicking away. I really love my 35mm lens. It lets me get so close!

The “walking without purpose” phrase…well our dog thinks you must be doing something super interesting if you get up and walk quickly like you’re about to do something uber exciting. So if we just kind of saunter up, kinda slow, la dee dah, well he doesn’t really care so much. Not that he’s not listening to where you are going!

So that’s it for this week. This really is kinda fun, because I don’t always know what I’ll be photographing until I “visually” stumble upon it.

Photo Notes:
All shots taken with Tokina 35mm lens. Either natural or ambient lighting. (Yes, natural lighting would fall under the category of ambient, but just distinguishing “natural” from “whatever lights happen to be on in the room”. :)  )