backyard winter series...

...these were taken a few weeks ago at the end of January. The weather wasn’t bad. (For the last week in January, that is!) I only had to traipse* through knee deep snow across my back yard. Light snow had fallen, creating a soft dusting over what most people call weeds. But in the winter, I think they look lovely—all innocent, pretty, and free of allergens.

I don’t usually use my long lens that much. But on this day, I thought “why not?” The Nikon 70-300mm is a light hog. And it’s a little heavy. And I need to be over 5’ from my subject before it will begin to focus. For all these reasons, it isn’t my favorite. But on this day those things didn’t matter—it was plenty bright out with all the snow; I was only trekking across my back yard; and most of my subjects were well over 5’ away. The really cool thing about this lens is it will very easily throw the background out of focus, creating a creamy backdrop that doesn’t distract from the main subject.

For those of you wondering about my 365 Project. Yes, it is still going strong—day 44 and counting!

*Just a side note. When I looked up the correct spelling for the word “traipse”, I discovered this interesting note about the word. This is from the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus:

No other synonym for walk conveys a value judgment. Amble, stroll, saunter, mosey all refer, more or less neutrally, to velocity (or, in a stretch, rhythm). Only traipse is morally loaded: it hints at disapproval, even contempt for the ambler’s lazy, aimless ways. Superficially innocent words that let you get in a dig below the radar should be treasured.