all caught up...

...with posting photos! Whew! Sorry for the backlog of photos that I just posted to my 365 Project on Flickr. And, sorry to make you click through over to Flickr, but I’ll never get this blog post written if I have to import all the pics here. There’s a little different variety to the past 8 days, as part of that was spent in New Mexico. No snow. No cold. All sun. A much more comfortable outdoor shooting environment! I’ll start working on some of the New Mexico shots this weekend and I’ll post a link here when they are uploaded. I think I’ll put most of these over on my “barb kellogg PHOTOGRAPHY” website. I’ll give you the links…no worries!
Lots to do!! I haven’t really had a chance to look through the New Mexico photos much other than to cull through them for my 365 project. Can you believe I’ve made it to day 56?

Another cool thing is the “odometer” on my camera just turned over 10,000 camera clicks this past week. So it went from DSC_9999 to DSC_0001 while I was in New Mexico. To avoid overwriting earlier photos with the same name, I add the date shot to each photo when I’m getting the pictures off of my camera. So it becomes 110221_DSC_001. Voila! A unique name.

Ok, I’ll give you ONE photo. :) It took HOURS to go a couple dozen miles. This is the “good” portion of the “road”.