little sfo...

...soft focus optic, that is.
I was bored watching tv tonight, and my dog was looking cute. And I figured he’s good portrait practice for me. Well, sort of. He doesn’t care if he looks good. But I do! So I wanted to spend some time with my new little lens.

In the living room there are all sorts of visual distractions. The tv stand. A computer armoire. The blinds on the windows. Who wants to see that stuff? No one. The solution? Get in close. Then a little closer. Move the camera around to see how the subject looks. You don’t have to have the camera perfectly horizontal or vertical. Getting rid of the visual clutter applies to most photographs, by the way. (Of course there are always exceptions, not to mention artistic vision.) So after you’ve taken that wide shot, get in closer. Then closer still. The results might surprise you!

I really need to photograph other people’s dogs/pets. I have it too easy with mine. And aren’t you tired of seeing my dog over and over?

Capture notes: Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic; Capture NX2—curve adj, b&w conversion; Nik Filter—Darken/Lighten center