...on a nice Sunday afternoon. I went for the photowalk, my husband went for the walk. But lucky him, he got to model for one of the pictures I took this afternoon! (We’ll see how lucky he feels after he sees this blog post. Ha!) And a friend of ours was out running. I’m sure he’s feeling quite “special” now, too, appearing here. (Yes, you can read a lot of sarcasm into my words!)
For those unfamiliar with a photowalk, it’s just like what it sounds like. You go out walking with the express purpose of photographing things. And I sure wish people would clean up after their dogs! Geesh! But no photos of THAT!

So you have a variety of photos to view. I also varied the post processing techniques. And the one with the little chicka-dee-dee-dee I chose as my photo for today’s part in the 365 Project.