fresh flickr friday...

...Ok, these images aren’t so “fresh”. :) But it’s been awhile since I’ve had a Friday post. I just submitted these three images to a juried art show in Aurora, MN! You know you’re getting older when part of the school building you went to in high school is now called “historic”. I mean seriously, I’m not THAT old! But at least they didn’t demolish the building, and having an art gallery inside is a really great way to keep the building as an active part of the community.

I chose these photographs instead of my typical nature photography simply because they are more unique. (I can’t imagine more than one person would submit photographs of cemeteries!) The purpose of this show is to “exhibit diversity of artwork that demonstrates mastery of technique, creativity, and presentation of subject matter.” These photographs are part of an ongoing personal project to creatively photograph some of the older cemeteries in Stearns County, Minnesota. You can view more of them on my website.

I will know by the end of May if one or more photographs were accepted. The actual exhibition runs from June 27 to July 30. Aurora also has a cool music event called the Northern Lights Music Festival happening during that time frame. So these two events work well together.

I’ll keep you posted if I’ll be a part of the exhibit.

Have a great weekend, everyone!