fresh flickr friday...

...haven’t had one of these Friday posts for a while! I was taking my 365 photo today, with the latest theme of “Kitchen” in mind for the Flickr group I belong to. Then I got on a creative roll and actually also fulfilled the project’s three photo rule. The “Kitchen” project evolved into a subtheme of door pulls. I sometimes try to create a sense of continuity within the project theme, instead of photographing somewhat unrelated images like a piece of food, a blender, and a sink. (Although those are perfectly valid and no doubt someone will shoot some great and creative images of them! Just not me.)

When I was looking around my kitchen to figure out something to photograph, one sees the toaster, dish soap next to the sink, or food comes to mind. (Food implies that I’d have to cook. So I quickly scratched that off my mental list. Plus, food can be fussy to photograph. My hat is off to those that can photograph food and it still looks edible!)

Then I noticed the door pulls and knobs. I thought “those could be interesting!” This first photograph went through many incarnations of compositions, until I finally found this one. In the beginning they were more traditional looking, then I noticed that I could frame the knobs within the handle and create a very abstract smiley face. Like clouds in the sky, images are open to personal interpretation.

Then the refrigerator. BIG sigh—how to frame this? In the end, I liked the shadows created by window light coming from photo left. So the image became more about lines and shadows than the actual intended subject matter of “kitchen and door pulls”.

And finally,  more curves and lines created by the…?????

Have a great weekend everyone!