winter in July...

110125_DSC_8944txtr, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

Via Flickr:
Just purchased Flypaper Textures (Spring Painterly)...this is the first photo using them. Took this photo last winter. See “untextured” photo here, too. This pack has 40 different textures. So far, LUUUUV ‘EM!!!

And I’m very behind in my processing over this past week. For those of you who follow my 365 photos, yes I’ve been faithfully taking them. But they are still on my camera. I’ve made a couple trips up to Aurora, MN…one trip for my husband to help Dad with a door; and another trip to see two of my cemetery prints in the new Aurora Gallery. And all sorts of miscellaneous stuff, and now it’s Saturday and a holiday weekend here in the US. No doubt you don’t have time to be looking at photos or blog posts. :)

Enjoy a safe but fun weekend everyone!


Process notes: textures used—creme anglaise (2 layers of it, one overlay and one multiply); sakura skies (soft light); and lemoncello (color burn)—all at varying opacities.