sweet Sasha...

...was my first furry friend for my Pet Photography class that I’m taking. Of course I take lots of photos of my dog, but this class will let me expand my repertoire. So….I wanted to share some of Sasha’s sweetness with the rest of you! Her owner adopted her from a rescue group, but you’d think she lived with them her entire life. It’s obviously a mutual love affair! :)

We started outside. Boy was it hot and humid! It sure is interesting following a dog around. Sniff here, sniff there. SQUIRREL! Ok, I don’t think there was a squirrel, but you know what I mean.

Then we moved inside. We all drank some water. Moved some furniture around to better take advantage of the light from a large window. Sasha’s owner even helped me out holding the reflector panel. And Sasha was so patient! Very laid back. And she had some of the sweetest expressions. Quite the lady!

But all that “posing” must have tired her out. As I was packing up she jumped up on the couch and curled up. She was just too cute! And because she was so relaxed (and not moving an inch), I quick put my Lensbaby on my camera. My favorite shots were taken because I decided not to continue packing up my gear!