on with the show...

...part of the challenge of my 365 Project is finding things to photograph. Most of the time I try to photograph something that actually interests me. (There are days when I just snap any old thing. Funny how sometimes those are the more interesting images.) This clown I’ve had for ages. Always carefully packing him with each move. And carefully unpacking him, untangling his strings that tangle no matter how I pack him. And on day 204, July 23rd, he was the subject of choice. He hangs from a curtain rod in my window, behind the curtain (as viewed from the outside). And on this day, he reminded me of an actor waiting for the curtain to open for the first scene of a play.

Do I know my lines?

Do I look fat?

Oh gads, I think my makeup is running.

Horizontal stripes? What was I thinking?!

Whew….deep…. slow…..breath.


on with the show.