variety... interesting. These are three images I’ve taken this past month. The two black & white images for my 365, and the dog is Oliver in a contemplative moment. The reason I decided to blog about these particular photos is that they seem so dissimilar.

An ironing board, a dog, and dead flowers. Yep, that’s variety in subject matter. Yet for me they all evoke a question in my mind—what’s the story behind each photograph? I don’t mean the literal story. (The ironing board was just sitting there; cause I certainly wasn’t the one ironing!) But each photograph could be the basis of a short piece of fiction —kind of a ‘free association’ if you will.

· The single mother finally finishes her late night ironing after the children have gone to sleep. The end of a long day, to be followed by another equally long day, and another.

· A dog longing for his owner’s return. Waiting patiently. Guarding. Steadfast and true.

· A collection of items on a shelf—all that is left behind of a little girl’s missing mother. The little girl wonders what they mean; why her mother thought they were important.

Photography really is all about stories. Fact or fiction. The story you see in the photograph is uniquely yours.