discovery of the day...

...I think I just wrote the rough draft of my mission statement for my pet photography venture. (Although don’t you hate the words “mission statement”? What would you use instead?)

My goal is to create images of other people’s pets that show as much love and adoration as I feel towards my own.

That just kind of came to me today as I was processing an image I took of my dog last night. Inevitably while I’m taking a 365 photo, my dog gets a few shots, too. A few images of a suitcase turn into a few images of the suitcase using on-camera flash which turn into a few images of my dog. (I swear he’s lobbying for sainthood, because would you tolerate having a flash go off inches from your face on an almost daily basis? And when you’re trying to take a nap? I mean seriously, no human puts up with that stuff.)

My other discovery today (yes it’s a twofer Wednesday) is that I’m really a prime kind of gal. Not steaks. Camera lenses. A prime is just simply sharper. The downside is you need to zoom with your feet. With flowers and stationary humans, that’s not a big deal. But with animals, well, it’s a bit of a different story. It also depends on the energy level of the animal. I can often shoot with my prime lenses with my dog. But if I have a backdrop set-up with lights, it can be a little harder to have an animal keep his mark. So the sacrifice in sharpness of a zoom is offset by the flexibility to conveniently change your focal length in a jiff. The balance of quality and convenience is ever changing depending upon the circumstances. So when you wonder “why so many lenses?”, that’s one reason.

Now for the part you guys like. The photos.

And the suitcase, too.

And I had an opportunity over the weekend to shoot a band without feeling like a groupie, as I knew the wife of one of the band members.