shoot from the hip...

...or, pet level photos. Basically putting the camera at the dog’s level and you’re shooting blind. Easier said than done! But I think I finally figured out the camera settings to get a few more shots with the eyes in focus instead of the grass. (And of course I had treats to keep Mulder’s attention on the camera!) For Nikon shooters, here are my settings on my D90:

  • AF-area mode: Auto-area
  • Auto focus point set to: AF-C (continuous servo)
  • used Shutter priority, with shutter speed faster than 1/500s; and setting ISO appropriately to get there
  • and used the widest angle I had, which is 18mm on my 18-105mm Nikon lens

And now the photos, with captions. I think that makes it easier to read, don’t you? And by the way, Mulder really enjoyed posing for the camera on this afternoon! And I know he’ll continue to be happy while I keep practicing this technique. :)

And you’d think this would work with kids, too? I’ll let you figure that one out!