textures are fun...

...as promised, here a few of the photos from last week with textures applied. And it’s kind of like asking a cook “what did you put in that?” when they didn’t follow a recipe. I know I used some textures from French Kiss Textures and Flypaper Textures. They both have fantastic offerings, and you just play. Although I think I have a couple “go to” faves that I try each time. Just because.
Now I suppose you’d all be curious what the original images looked like. Do you want to see them? I’m guessing most of you are curious, so here they are. If you want to see them larger, just click on them. But I didn’t think they deserved the same sizing in the post as the main images.

So that’s it. You can agree or disagree with my artistic choices. And sometimes I look at them later and decide to change them—I’m either in a different mood or just create something I like better. As for tonight, I am quite fond of the vertical image, and the intense colors of the woods.

p.s. I did notice that the textures are barely noticeable with the image size that appears in the post—if you click on the image it does open a bit larger.

Ciao for now!