Christmas is coming... just dawned on me the other day that Christmas is right around the corner. (I can hear some of you—“What? do you live under a rock?” Ha ha, no I don’t. :) ) I was at the mall to return something, and on the way through the store I saw something that I thought my husband would like. In my head I was thinking “well he can just return it if he doesn’t like it”, all the while thinking I would just give it to him when I got home. It took several minutes of pondering over the different choices in front of me before it even occurred to me to use this as a Christmas gift instead! (As an aside, my husband and I are very difficult to buy for, and that includes buying for each other, too.) And with no kids, the Christmas season isn’t as gift centered as with many of my friends. (And I’ve somehow managed to block out the store holiday decorations and television advertising for Black Friday from the forefront of my consciousness.)

And then today I was going over my website, and I had another light bulb moment—I’d better remind folks that I have some wonderful images for sale! (A born salesperson I’m not!) On the barbkelloggPHOTOGRAPHY website are a variety of nature images, from quiet and peaceful to colorful and energetic. I’ve recently created a gallery on my site to hold the hodge-podge of images that can’t really be classified as nature—it’s called Variance... .

You can buy prints, of course. I’ve eliminated framing from my site because you can get these framed far cheaper elsewhere, with more variety to boot. But do you want to know the super easy way of getting one of my images on the wall? (Actually, I have two easy ways.) No messing around with the time and hassle to frame and mat. Just pound that nail into the wall and hang. (Ok, if it’s a gift, you may want to wrap it first. But you’re on your own with that. :) )

Gallery wraps are a fantastic, classy way to display photography! What are they? The image is printed on a canvas (similar to those canvases that painters use), and wrapped around a wooden frame. Ok, a picture or two is worth a thousand words.


I love these things! No glass to worry about. They are super light-weight. And just take a Swiffer dry cloth to them to get the dust off. Easy peasy.

Another super easy way to display (with no framing required), is buying a Standout—a Standout is a print mounted to 1.5” thick, lightweight Gatorfoam with a lightly textured black or smooth white trim around the edges. And I even have a photo example for you! :) These have a contemporary look about them, which I think lends to the image standing front and center.

And some of you may not have seen my Stearns County Cemetery Project images. I keep them in the Personal Projects gallery. I took a risk this summer and framed a few images for my gallery display at St. Cloud Hospital. To my surprise, they sold right away. Who knew? So they are available for purchase, too.

So have I hawked my wares well enough? ;) If you love my imagery, please share this blog post with your friends. I do appreciate it!