a photo before the snow...

...tomorrow is our first snowfall. Or so they say. But it’s looking pretty certain to get a little something. So today I went looking outside near my house and found this. I don’t know what it is, or rather was. I also decided to use my Lensbaby lens today with one of the creative discs (I think it’s the “diamond” one for those interested) and +4 macro . It was this creative disc that gave a wonderful texture to the now-tan-and-dead weeds in the background of the image.
Why so many versions of the same photograph? The original—because I think most of us, whether a photographer or not, are curious to see what the artist started with. The others—just different interpretations. I think the monochrome image is my favorite. But the other two I like as well. Since it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, my plan is to take another image of the same subject with the same lens, etc. So the next post will be “a photo after the snow”. You saw that coming, didn’t you?

When you click on one of the images below, you’ll get a nice full size slideshow. :) If you’re an iPad user, let me know if the slideshow doesn’t work. That will be good to know.)