has anyone ever given you the clothes off their back?

Ok, maybe not their clothes, but what about a hat?

I met one of the neatest gals tonight. Yrene is the mom of a younger friend of mine, Jael. (Her mom is basically my age. And while many of you don’t know how old I am, you can do the fuzzy math and figure it out.) My friend and her family are originally from the Dominican Republic, and have lived in New York City for ages. (Her family still lives in NYC.) The reason the demographics are important to this tale is because her mom’s English isn’t as fluent as she would like it to be, so she can be (I guess) a bit shy around people she doesn’t know. Well, I didn’t see that problem! (And I don’t understand more than uno, does, tres in Spanish.) And I’ll admit to only understanding about 80% of what she said—we’d all get talking and laughing and before you knew it we were all a bit lost as to what we were talking about it. All good fun around the dinner table. Strangers can be the best dinner companions, although not strangers any more! :)

So that’s the back story. Yrene (just like “Irene”) was (emphasis on was) wearing this great hat today. When we arrived at the restaurant, I told her “awesome hat!” (I mean it really was a cool looking hat!) The seven of us are eating dinner, laughing, talking, joking with each other, picking on Jael and her brother Gabriel. And at some point during the meal Yrene tells me the hat is mine, and I’m like “no”...cause she’s kidding. Right? Who gives you something just because you say you like it?

Yrene does. Before walking out of the restaurant, she positioned the hat on my head and said “it’s yours” (or something to that effect). “No no no,” I said, “you can’t give me your hat!”

I think Yrene is a woman who doesn’t take “no” as an answer.

I just love my new hat.